What is the functional principle of Plasma-Bod?

From school we know the three states of matter solid, liquid and gaseous. Plasma represents the 4th state of aggregation and can be generated by the ionization of gases. When cold plasma is generated, additional energy is added to the ambient air (i.e. the matter in gaseous state to the gas).

In contrast to the "thermal" plasma, in the "cold" plasma practically "only" the electrons of the participating atoms of the participating matter are excited - the then positively charged atomic hulls, which contain the decisive mass, remain "cold" at first. Here, "cold" is rather to be understood as "not hot". When applied to ambient air, such a stimulation ionizes the entire air - and everything in it like water, suspended matter, viruses, spores etc. - i.e. the atomic and molecular assemblies are dissociated (simply put, broken down into their individual parts) and the electrons are the first to be raised to new, much higher energy levels, where they do not really feel permanently comfortable.

Therefore they look for the next best new partners and "recombine" to form new (molecular) structures and release the energy they received before. During such a recombination, however, the original atomic or molecular assemblies do not reappear, but mostly much less complex (and energetically lower) structures.

Plasma-Bod uses this principle to "dissociate" complex viruses, bacteria, spores, etc. - i.e. to break them down into their individual parts and later "recombine" them into harmless low-energy new structures. The kind and mutation type of viruses etc. is irrelevant, it only has to fit "energetically" into the "prey scheme".

Were we able to arouse your interest for the plasma treatment’s potential?

The special feature of the plasma-based surface disinfector is that it enables a chemical-free disinfection of surfaces of any kind.

Plasma-Bod allows for the integration of precisely controllable atmospheric plasma generators in different applications such as hand dryers, robot vacuum cleaners, air conditioners. Due to the scalability, there are virtually no limits to the possible application areas for disinfection. The actual disinfection and the inactivation of viruses and other pathogens result from precisely adjustable amounts of short-term stable, high-energy micro- and nanoparticles, which are biocidal for small and smallest viruses and bacteria.

The technology you can integrate into your company’s products uses only ambient air and electrical energy in order to take effect. Thus, a potential risk of misuse for the user as well as for the material to be treated can be drastically reduced.

Regarding the source of energy, it doesn’t matter whether the energy is obtained from the socket or from batteries. Plasma-Bod can be scaled almost arbitrarily for the most different performance requirements classes and applications. By means of our profound knowledge in the field of plasma technology, we support you in the development of different target applications and device concepts and also in the inactivation of bacteria, spores or viruses by your company’s products in general.

Plasma-Bod is a protected and registered principle

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